Collection of hazardous waste

The collection of hazardous waste includes the disposal of batteries, rubber, neon lights and compact fluorescent tubes.

Collection of hazardous waste also includes other hazardous products within the company and any product deemed harmful to the environment.

This collection service allows you to properly manage the products you need to dispose of. Be assured that the management and handling of this dangerous waste will be done according to the highest safety standards. This is done to protect your company, your employees and the environment.

Having respect for the environment at heart, we deal safely and professionally with hazardous products, including harmful substances.

Handling is one of the collection services we offer. It is among the most important and most appreciated by business managers. It is a must for all companies concerned about the protection of the environment.

At Evirum, our team of experts works with you. They offer you practical solutions to your management challenges.

Evirum does not only collect dangerous products. We collect garbage, recyclables, organic materials along with shredded (confidential) documents. We also handle liquid hazardous materials, electronics, bulky items, and construction waste.

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Several collection methods are available for this type of waste.

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