Collection of construction scraps

Collection of construction scraps includes all construction, renovation, and demolition waste such as wood, dry materials, earth, concrete, metal and more.

As a company in the construction industry, the purpose of having the collection of your construction scraps is to redirect this waste to an appropriate sorting center in order to solve the problem of burying construction waste. You are thus taking action towards a sustainable and ecological solution, a promising initiative to reduce your ecological footprint as a business.

“In Quebec, construction, renovation, and demolition (CRD) operations generated 4,569,000 tonnes of debris and scrap materials, which represents almost one third (35%) of the total waste generated by the province.” Source: 

To each their own specialty! Your team takes care of the job, Evirum takes care of sorting your waste in complete confidence and with respect for the environment. Whether you want to rent a construction container for the duration of your work or to obtain complete services and collection equipment on a regular basis, call on our experts.

Evirum does more than collect construction scraps. We collect garbage, recyclables, organic materials along with shredded (confidential) documents. We also handle liquid and hazardous materials, electronics and bulky items.

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Roll Off Bins

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