Front load bin

Front-loading dumpsters are intended for waste, recycling and/or compost collection.

Front-loading containers, also known as “front end” containers, are the most economical because of the speed with which the team can make the pickups.

We analyze the environment in which it will be integrated to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment and the optimal pick-up service.

Front-load collection service is available on a schedule and at a frequency determined by your volume and the type of material to be collected.

Capacity2, 4, 6 and 8 yd3
ModelsSloped or square
CoverPlastic or metal
SpecificationsCompacted or uncompacted

Wheel installation (for model of 2 and 4 yd³)

Side door: left, right or 2 sides of choice (for model 8 yd³)

Option of padlocked containers

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