Waste compactors

The use of compactors for your waste is ideal for businesses that produce a high volume of residual waste.

There are two types of waste compactors: the stationary compactor and the monoblock compactor.

Using a trash compactor allows you to maximize the volume of residual waste in a single collection, according to the company’s needs, and results in a reduction of human ressources.

These garbage compactors are very safe and meet CNESST’standards. The waste is secured in a closed dumpster.

The stationary compactor can be used for different types of materials such as dry waste (cardboard, paper, glass, etc.). The monoblock compactor can be used for food, composting, food processing, wet waste, and more.

Collection is available on a weekly schedule and frequency, according to your needs.

20 to 40 yd3
Types de models
Container with integrated compactor

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