Corporate electronic recycling

Includes recycling of all types of electronic products that are defective or deemed obsolete.

This includes cell phones, computers, office equipment and electronic components. It also covers all audio and video devices, printers, tablets, batteries, neon lights and more. Electronic waste and products accumulate as quickly as new technologies are created.

“Considering that individual Canadians produce about 20.4 kg of electrical and electronic waste per year, the count is approximately 170,000 tonnes annually for the province of Quebec.”  Source: Québec Science

These items should be recovered instead of ending up in landfills. Companies have a responsibility to recycle their computers and other equipment and thus opt for an environmentally rewarding solution.

Would you like to know more about the different e-recycling solutions for your company?

Evirum’s experts work with your company or organization to properly recycle your e-waste.

We take the time to consider the volume of your products to be recycled as well as the frequency of your needs in order to offer you optimal solutions for your company and for your budget.

Evirum does more than collect electronics. We collect garbage, recyclables, organic materials along with shredded (confidential) documents. We also handle liquid and hazardous materials, bulky items, and construction waste.

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Several collection methods are available for this type of waste.

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