About Evirum

Evirum was born with the specific goal of simplifying the decision-making for businesses and streamlining the waste management industry's processes.

With the increase of sorting centers, equipments, and services, new players have emerged in the industry. This has led to confusion by companies with crucial needs for the management of their residual waste. They are not being sure about which services and methods are offered.

In the presence of fierce and well-established competition, Evirum demonstrated its resiliency in its first five years of existence. Innovative in its business model, the company now occupies a privileged place in the industry. It has a unique offering well adapted to the market.

Evirum is a new player in waste management consulting services. We embarked on our journey accompanied by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field.

Very quickly, Evirum became more than just a new player.

We distinguished ourselves with an innovative business model. Becoming an industry broker. The benefits of doing business with Evirum are very clear to customers. Optimize the management of residual waste, at competitive costs.

To meet the growing demand over the years, Evirum has added many talents to its sales team in order to serve North America.

Finally, in 2022, Evirum continues to expand while remaining close to people, and adopting a north american vision that is supported by local teams.

Serving numerous clients in all sectors, it assists them in implementing viable and efficient solutions to their waste management challenges.

The Evirum team is pleased to note that respect for the environment is becoming more and more prevalent in the daily lives of businesses. This change in mentality requires a level of professionalism in waste management that Evirum has chosen to implement since its beginnings.

With the technologies used in the field, increasing and modernizing, the company’s mission is as relevant as ever:

To be your trusted partner in the recycling and management of residual waste.

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The company has an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Evirum’s expertise

The company has a level of knowledge and experience unmatched in the industry. This allows them to offer all waste collection services to their customers. Everyone at Evirum also ensures that all customers receive a personalized customer experience based on their actual needs.

Each customer has a specific need since each environment is unique!

[P] A complete analysis of your needs will be carried out to identify the most profitable management methodology for you and the most ecological for the environment. With circular economy being a current topic, we are committed to finding the ideal partner to recycle your materials that can have a second life.

Evirum has the passion and the will to put its knowledge at your service with a complete and personalized human approach.

The Evirum advantage: equipment diversity and complete services.

One of the strengths of Evirum’s approach is the completeness of its services and its ability to provide intelligent, integrated solutions. As a waste broker, Evirum also gives you access to a wide range of equipment. We are your one-stop shop for all waste management services.

Evirum develops appropriate solutions for a healthy management of your waste!


By being honest, objective, and transparent in our business practices, we build the highest level of trust with our customers and employees.

Our promise towards our customers

Evirum, a sustainable partnership that generates optimal solutions for a pleasant environment!

Our mission

We ensure the environmentally responsible treatment of residual materials and help companies achieve their financial and environmental goals.

Our core values


By being honest, objective, and transparent in our business practices, we build the highest level of trust with our customers and employees.


We are committed to helping each and every one of our employees reach their full potential, and we continually strive to provide our customers with a healthier environment.


Source of pride for all our employees, our high-quality standards allow us to offer consulting services that meet the highest standards of the industry.


Taking care of our employees, our customers and the planet. A vision that guides our daily actions.

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