Get the best offers for managing your residual recyclable materials.

Your business will benefit from unparalleled service, responsible and economically viable recycling management.

Compost and organic materials management: fruits, vegetables and peels, coffee, unwrapped expired foods, nut shells, pits, etc.

Waste management: residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Recycling management: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, newspapers, flyers, cardboard boxes, etc.

Document shredding: destroy your sensitive and confidential documents while saving trees, etc. Our team of specialists is on hand to offer you consulting and brokerage services that meet the highest industry standards

Need a container for your compost, waste or recycling?

Semi-buried container

  • Reduced run-off
  • Faster, more efficient collection
  • Little or no odor
  • Blends in better with the environment
  • Ideal for municipalities, contractors, real estate companies (housing)

Front-loading container

  • Ideal for food waste
  • Business, commercial and residential

Rear-loading container

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and apartment buildings

Wheeled bins

  • Accepted almost everywhere
  • For easier collection


  • Secure destruction of your sensitive documents

Sorting island

  • Recycling, returnable containers, waste…
  • Sort three materials with a single island


  • Waste compactor
  • Cardboard compactor
  • Just ask us!

Self-loading roll-off containers

  • A roll-off container for local transport by truck
  • For larger quantities of residual materials
  • Ideal for construction sites.

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