Liquid waste disposal for businesses

It includes all types of liquid materials that are considered harmful to the environment and require treatment according to the highest environmental standards.

The industries mainly targeted by liquid waste disposal are auto mechanic companies and companies in the industrial, manufacturing and catering sectors that generate liquids following their production. Ex: used oils, paint, solvents and other chemical products. The collection also applies to any solid material that has been in contact with these liquids. Ex: rags, cloths, cardboard, etc.

Having respect for the environment at heart, we deal efficiently and professionally with liquid waste containing harmful substances.

This way, we thus avoid contaminating our soils and oceans in order to protect the environment of our planet.

The Evirum team is recognized for its safe and ecological liquid management method. Let us offer you the best solutions to your disposal challenges.

Handling is another addition to our comprehensive list of services for business owners and managers. Our collection service adapts to generate a personalized collection program for your business according to the frequency and schedule you desire.

Evirum does not only collect liquids. We collect garbage, recyclables, organic materials and shredded (confidential) documents as well. We also handle hazardous materials, electronics, bulky items, and construction waste.

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