Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Evirum, a broker for everyone

The complexity, uncertainty and rapid evolution of residual material have transformed the face of our industry.

Historical performance is now an unreliable indicator of future success. How we connect with each other is critical and defines our core values: integrity, commitment, excellence and kindness.

Evirum is a human-centric broker. We are stronger together!

Customer relations, our top priority, are defined by an approach based on listening and solutions focused on the customer’s real needs. Regardless of industry, geographic location or company size, as a broker, we are committed to sharing our know-how. We are doing this to connect, to learn, to grow and to be open, but most of all, to know you.

We want to know you!

This is the only way to change our future, to take care of our environment and to revalue it.

We operate in an environment that has a lot of ambiguity. We are willing to challenge each of our clients, as well as ourselves, to move forward towards a better environmental solution. Always with respect for all, our passion leads us to offer a much greener orientation. Contact us for more information!


Because we are AWARE. We are aware of others, different budgets, different business models, regulations, our partners and our community. We are mindful of the land.

BEING your trusted partner in waste recovery and management.

We are more than a broker, we are your ally!