Waste collection for businesses

Waste collection concerns all non-recyclable and non-compostable garbage and scrap materials.

The collection of non-recyclable and non-compostable materials for organizations and businesses is done with dedicated bins. Waste collection consists of collecting the garbage, transporting it to the landfill and burying it there.

This service targets industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of activity.

Our fleet of trucks is available to pick up all waste with a constant concern for efficiency and safety.

“The world produced between 3.4 and 4 billion tons of waste in 2006, including 1.2 to 1.67 billion tons of non-hazardous industrial waste and 490 million tons of hazardous waste” – Source: La Presse

Our waste collection and management services are done on a weekly basis. It considers your needs and/or the area served.

Please note that we are present in all regions of North America.

Evirum doesn’t just collect waste. We collect recyclable and organic materials, along with shredded (confidential) documents. We also handle liquid and hazardous materials, electronics, bulky items, and construction waste.

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IPL wheeled bins

These wheeled containers are used for standard collections of all your residual waste such as garbage, recycling, and compost. A catalog for wheeled bins is available upon request.…

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Waste compactors

The use of compactors for your waste is ideal for businesses that produce a high volume of residual waste. There are two types of waste compactors: the stationary…

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Roll Off Bins

Trucks are used to lift roll-on/roll-off containers and compactors for the collection of residual and recyclable materials, or for the collection of dry construction materials. Roll-off containers are…

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Rear loader container

Rear-loading bins are intended for waste, recycling and/or compost collections. This type of container is ideal for locations that are considered tight, such as downtown locations and hard-to-reach…

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Front load bin

Front-loading dumpsters are intended for waste, recycling and/or compost collection. Front-loading containers, also known as “front end” containers, are the most economical because of the speed with which…

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Semi-buried container

Semi-underground containers are dumpsters that are installed, dug out and buried in the ground. They are intended to be a practical and aesthetic solution. Semi-underground containers are used…

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Recycling stations

The recycling stations are used to sort residual materials such as garbage, recycling, and compost. Take advantage of the recycling stations at the office, for your establishment or…

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